Swindon Conservatives pass vote to ensure SBC is Carbon Neutral by 2030

Forest• Climate change is an urgent issue and we are already taking a leading role by challenging ourselves and others to take steps towards becoming carbon neutral through the Councils Climate Change Working Group and its five Steering Groups:

o Policy and Lobbying
o Transport
o Environment, Air Quality and Farming
o Education, Engagement and Communication
o Buildings, Economy Industry and Planning

• By taking a lead in the climate movement the Council can create something of a domino effect of climate action among local businesses, residents and policymakers alike
Requests that the Leader of the Council:

• Commits the Council to an 80 per cent reduction in the council`s corporate carbon emissions no later than 2030, striving towards 100 per cent with carbon offsetting by the same date. with the aim of making the council’s estate and activities net-zero carbon by 2030

• Ensures that all strategic decisions, budgets and approaches to planning decisions are in line with a shift to zero carbon by that date.

• Ensures that the council supports and works with other agencies towards making Swindon zero carbon within the same timescale.

• Ensures that political and chief officer leadership teams embed this work in all service areas.

• Asks the Council’s Scrutiny Committees to consider the impact of climate change and the environment when reviewing policies and strategies.

Edited by Cllr Oliver Donachie