Cllr Steve Weisinger

m: 07791 122843

t: 01793 764668


Cllr Alan Bishop

m: 07773 045270

t: 01793 762807


Cllr Maureen Penny

m: n/a

t: 01793 861862



First Saturday of each month:
10 – 11am Highworth Town Council office
11.30am – 12.30pm Blunsdon Village Hall



Cllr Steve Weisinger

I have served as a Borough Councillor for 7 years and a Highworth Town Councillor for 19 years, including 7 years as Chair of the Leisure Committee and 5 years chairing the General Purpose and Finance committee. I have had the privilege of being Mayor of Highworth twice. I have an excellent attendance record and a proven track record of supporting community services and facilities. I am approachable, highly visible and work all year round. I am at the very heart of the local community and will continue to be a strong voice for the residents I represent in Blunsdon, Highworth, Castle Eaton, Stanton Fitzwarren, Hannington, Hampton, Inglesham and Sevenhampton.

Cllr Alan Bishop

I am an integral part of our community, having been the owner of Highworth Driving Academy and fundraising for local charities.  I am married to Julia and have two married sons, both educated at Warneford School. 

Having lived here for 51 years, I am proud to represent our local community as a borough councillor since 2011 and Highworth Town Council for 20 years – championing: Highworth, Blunsdon, Sevenhampton, Stanton Fitzwarren, Hannington, Hampton, Castle Eaton and Inglesham.


 Cllr Maureen Penny
Swindon Councillor May 2012 – onwards (Blunsdon and Highworth)
Town Councillor 2005 – onwards (Highworth)
Mayor – Highworth Town Council in 2011 – 2012 & 2012 -2013
Maureen was born in West Bromwich, Staffordshire. On leaving school she went to London to study
and gained a degree in Chiropody. Her husband was part of the workforce who moved from London
with the Post Office when it relocated to Swindon in c1972/3 and they bought their first house in
Bevisland near Eldene. Maureen has one daughter, Clare and moved to Highworth in 1980.
She has worked for several different companies in Swindon the penultimate one being Cranfield
University at the Royal Military College of Science, now The Defence Academy, eventually being
relocated to Australia in 2007 as Director of Business Development (Australasia) to fulfil a feasibility
study for the Australian Government on Defence Education. During her time with Cranfield she
returned to education gaining a Diploma in Management Studies and completing an Executive
Masters of Business Administration in 1998.
Maureen joined Highworth Town Council in 2005 and was re-elected when she returned from
Australia in 2009, she was elected as Mayor and Chair of Highworth Town Council for 2 consecutive
terms in 2011 to 2013. During this time she has set up and chaired many committees including ‘The
Highworth Partnership Group’ and ‘The Highworth Community Centre’, which was created from the
building which housed Northview School. She has also been Chair of Governors at a local Junior
School, Chair of Ladybirds Childrens’ Centre and still sits as a trustee for the Highworth Charities.
Maureen has been the ward Councillor for first Highworth and then Blunsdon and Highworth since
2012. During her time at Swindon Borough Council, Maureen has served on a number of committees
and been Chair of Childrens Overview and Scrutiny, Adult Health and Childrens Overview and
Scrutiny, Adult Health and Housing Overview and Scrutiny and the Averies Task Group.
More recently, Maureen was appointed Cabinet Member for Highways and The Environment.
“I have been a Highworth resident for over 30 years and a Highworth Town Councillor for at least 15
years. I have a wealth of experience when it comes to working for Highworth, Blunsdon and the
surrounding villages and thoroughly enjoy my role.
I feel quite privileged to be in a position to help others and being in local government has enabled
me to do that in a more meaningful way than I could ever have imagined.”
The most useful thing I have learnt from being a Councillor is that politics affects every aspect of our
lives and the decisions that I and my colleagues make on the council can make a massive difference
to people’s lives”



Name of candidate Party Number of votes
BISHOP, Alan John Conservative Party 1,654
COPE, Jaime Louise Labour Party 756
DAY, Andrew Donald Green Party 453
SALMON, Malcolm Charles Liberal Democrat 312
  • Number of ballot papers rejected: 86
  • Total votes cast: 3,261
  • Electorate: 8,657
  • Turnout: 37.73%



ADAMS, Pam Labour Party 1523
BISHOP, Alan John The Conservative Party 3502
DAY, Andrew Donald Green Party 466
SHUGAR, Ross UK Independence Party (UKIP) 838

Number of ballot papers rejected: 33 Total votes cast: 6329 Electorate: 8874 Turnout: 71.3%