Swindon’s economy continues to thrive

A recent study by the independent Centre for Cities: Cities Outlook 2018, showed that Swindon’s local economy is outperforming the average for Great Britain.

The most recent data show that the productivity per worker in Swindon, known as the Gross Value Added (GVA), was £59,500 whereas the average for Britain was £56,660.  In Labour-run Bristol, the GVA was £56,900.

Councillor Oliver Donachie, the Conservative Cabinet Member for the Economy and Skills said, “Swindon is at the heart of the British economy and the Conservative administration is working hard so that private businesses can continue to exploit every advantage our town possesses.”

Swindon’s high-performing local economy

“We are already benefiting from the biggest investment in the railways since the Victorian era.  We have already delivered our pledge to make sure that at least 95% of the population has access to the government’s standard of superfast broadband.  We are already supporting the provision of apprenticeships, vocational training, and higher education.”

“The Conservative-run Council is committed to continuing to support entrepreneurs and Swindon’s workers, with one of our next challenges being how can we work with the providers to make access ultra-fast broadband connectivity a reality for businesses and residents”.

“I am confident that with our excellent geographical location and a Council that sees private businesses as its partners, Swindon will continue to thrive.”

Posted 19th April 2018