Swindon’s Conservative-run Council – building the homes residents want

Dominic Raab MP, Minister for Housing and Councillor Toby Elliott, Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Sustainability at Wichelstowe

Councillor Toby Elliott, the Cabinet Member for Strategic Planning and Sustainability, has restated the Conservative-run Council’s commitment to providing the new homes the Borough needs.

“As a Conservative I am proud to be pragmatic and to do whatever works best for the people of our town,” said Toby.

Now homes being built across the Borough

Toby outlined how the Council was the planning authority for private developments at Tadpole Farm and Badbury Park, how it was working in joint venture with the private sector to provide up to 2750 new homes on Wichelstowe and has built the first of its homes for sale at Euclid Terrace.  These actions complement the construction of assisted living bungalows and affordable housing schemes to support the rented sector.

1500 Homes completed this year

Councillor Elliott added, “Just before Easter I was pleased to tell the Housing Minister of how the number of houses completed in Swindon was over 1400 for the last full year and is project to be over 1500 for the most recent 12 months.

“This is great news for the families who want homes, employers who want their staff to be living here, and for the various trades able to employ more people in construction.


Published 5th April 2018