Swindon Conservatives increase library access hours by nearly 50%

Swindon’s Conservative-run Council has increased access to the Borough’s core libraries by almost 50% since introducing its new library strategy. And by working with communities, all other libraries have remained open with one brand new community library being opened.

Councillor Mary Martin (Shaw Ward), the Cabinet Member responsible for the library service. “I am delighted that the changes to Swindon’s libraries, especially the investment in new technology, has provided a lot more flexibility. Extended access is very popular with residents whose work or commitments make it hard to get to the library during the day.”

“We have Extended Access in our 5 core libraries – Central, Highworth, North, Park, and West.”

The Conservatives provide More library hours

“When the new library strategy was introduced, there were the usual cries from the Opposition that there would be cuts, that people would lose out. The facts speak for themselves. The Conservative-run Council has enabled more libraries, and more open hours via Extended Hours and we are doing this for a fraction of the cost of the Opposition’s alternative.”

Posted 10th April 2018