Summer Fete In Rodbourne Cheney Gets Ringing Endorsement From Local Conservative Representative

Rodbourne Cheney Conservative Representative, Jake Chandler, joined fellow residents at the annual Summer Fete hosted at the Southbrook Inn in Ferndale.


The fete, which included live music, games, beer, barbeque and much more, has run successfully for many years. Based at the Southbrook Inn, it is the result of a community effort in the Ferndale area, with support from the pub, church, scouts, shops and of course residents – reminding the area of its historical roots as a closely-knit village.


Jake, who is also a member of CAMRA, brought his family along to the event and celebrated the fact that the event is once again establishing itself as a community event for residents right across Rodbourne Cheney.


The fete was briefly stopped for a year when the Southbrook’s former landlord, Bob Downing, retired. Bob had been a key figure in getting the fete organised every year. Since then the Ferndale Residents’ Association along with groups like All Saint’s Church on Southbrook Street have worked diligently in getting the fete back and on an annual basis. The organisers now work very closely with the new landlords at the Southbrook to ensure the fete’s continued success; something all residents can benefit from.


Jake Chandler said: “I have loved coming every year to the fete since I was younger and volunteered here as a scout when Bob organised it. I’m so glad to see it return these last couple of years since the pub changed ownership. The event itself was fantastic, a really great way of bringing the community we have here together, not to mention raising a lot of money for Swindon and Wiltshire charities, and supporting local businesses like the pub. I would recommend it for all the family, as my nieces and younger cousins loved it.”