You save £145 a year with Swindon’s affordable Council Tax

A report published on 28th March confirmed that Swindon’s Conservative-run Council has delivered one of the lowest Council Taxes of any unitary authority in England.  The data show that average Band D Council Tax this year for unitary authorities in the South West is £1459, whereas the bill for Swindon is just £1314.

Swindon’s Conservatives cost you less

Councillor Russell Holland, Cabinet Member for Finance and Commercialisation said, “Residents of Swindon will be paying £145 less on average each year just by living in this Conservative-run Council. In Labour-run Bristol, residents would be paying £312 a year more.”

“Not only have we kept the Council Tax affordable, but we have also made sure that we balance the budget at the end of every year.  In 2003, the Conservative minority administration was left a £524k overspend by the previous Labour-led Council (2).  That would be the equivalent of about £794k in today’s prices.”

Councillor Holland added that the Council had achieved this healthy position because the Conservatives had returned fiscal responsibility to public finances both locally and nationally.

“The simple fact is: Conservative Councils cost you less,” said Councillor Holland.


Published 3rd April 2018


1) Source for the comparative Council Tax data: accessed 28th March 2018

2) Provisional Revenue Out-turn report 2002/3, Cabinet, 18th June 2003, p.21

3) Estimate of the effect of inflation calculated at this site: