Reality check: How much was the Council Tax increase in Swindon?

Claim:  The Labour Opposition has claimed that the Conservative Council increased Council Tax by 10%.

The Facts:  This claim is untrue.

The Labour opposition has misread a fairly simple spreadsheet.  Instead of quoting the figure for the Borough Council element of the Council Tax, which was 4.99% (column 3 below), the Opposition has added the figures the parish council (column 5).


The 4.99% increase in Swindon borough Council’s Council Tax 2017-2018

Source: Table 7: 2017-18 Council tax (average Band D) and % change on 2016-17: individual local authorities (

At the Council’s budget in February 2017, the Labour Opposition did not propose a single penny in savings or offer any suggestions about how to balance the Council’s budget and so provide public services in Swindon.

Councillor Garry Perkins, (Haydon Wick) said, “The Conservative administration has consistently kept Council Tax increases as low and affordable as possible.”

“In just four budgets, Labour councillors voted for over Council Tax 40% of increases.  The Conservatives would have to be in office for nearly two decades to exceed this.