More people in Swindon have jobs under the Conservatives

Councillor Oliver Donachie, the Conservative-run Council’s Cabinet Member for the Economy and Skills, has congratulated local private sector businesses on their continued success in generating wealth and jobs.  For every one job in the public sector there are more than four in the private sector.

“With the numerous small and medium enterprises that make up our local economy, Swindon has continued to be a great place in which to work.  That is why our employment levels are higher than the averages for either the South West or Great Britain.  Nearly 85% of residents are in work,” said Councillor Donachie.

Swindon’s Successful Economy

Councillor Donachie added that the Conservative-run Council was supporting businesses by providing homes, schools and the transport infrastructure that entrepreneurs and employees need.

“We will continue to press for more benefits for businesses through investment in the railways, roads, and higher education to make sure that local people have the skills and qualifications that employers require,” added Councillor Donachie.

Published 16th April 2018