Leader’s Column – 23 September 2013

Last week there was a story about how the Council had missed 10,000 rubbish collections in a year.  This sounds like a big number, and we always want to keep these mistakes to a minimum. However, it is important to put this number into context.  Over the last 12 months, we have made around 10 million collections of rubbish, green … Read More

Leader’s Column – 19 September 2013

On Saturday, Old Town once again hosted a successful Mela.  I am grateful to all those who made it such an enjoyable day as well as those residents who tolerated the inevitable disruption that such a popular event brings.  Swindon’s Mela is distinctive in that all communities join in.  It is a good illustration of how vibrant and welcoming this … Read More

Leader’s Column – 12 September 2013

It is vital for local democracy that you, as residents, have accurate news about what your Council is proposing and how it is responding to any comments from residents or service users.  Most of the time the media, such as this newspaper, undertake this function well and decision-making is improved by it.  Sadly, that was not the case with the … Read More

Leader’s Column – 5 September 2013

Last week there was an inaccurate story about the Kimmerfields town centre redevelopment, which implied there was some secret deal that was going to cost you, the local tax-payer, millions of pounds.  The facts are quite different, as this funding referred to the Local Enterprise Partnership and not the Council.  There was no secrecy.  There was just the normal commercial … Read More

UK Spending Review 2013

“From now on, if (benefits) claimants don’t speak English, they will have to attend language courses until they do…” George Osborne Today the Chancellor announced plans for Government spending up until 2017. When Labour left office in 2010 they had racked up a debt worth over £22,000 for every child born; and next year the repayments on debt interest alone … Read More