Cllr Kevin Parry Re-Elected on Nythe Parish Council

Cllr Kevin Parry “I would like to say a massive thank you to every resident in Nythe that voted for me in the Nythe Parish Election. I truly appreciate everybody that took the time to walk or drive down to the polling station or voted by post and ticked my box.  I have and will always continue to do my … Read More

Cllr Parry Cleans Up

Cllr Kevin Parry “If at first you don’t succeed you try again and again.  It was in 2008 I started my campaign on Nythe Lake on getting it cleaned out and I am delighted to say it final has been.  Six hundred tons have been removed from the lake as well as a motor bike and they even found two … Read More

Councillor Russell Holland’s Swindon Advertiser Column 25th may 2017

Our sympathies are with the people of Manchester It is totally incomprehensible to good people everywhere that a person would deliberately set out to terminate their own life in an act of reckless hatred against other people, especially when directed against families and the young.  While any loss of innocent life is tragic, terrorist attacks are both an attack on … Read More

Night-time photo shoot at STEAM to bring heritage and photography together

  Councillor Garry Perkins, the Conservative Cabinet Member responsible for the STEAM museum, is delighted that photographers from across the country will flock to STEAM next week (25 May) as the Swindon museum is transported back in time to the bygone era of the GWR and Swindon Railway Works. The sell-out night time shoot is a unique opportunity for keen … Read More

Councillor David Renard’s Swindon Advertiser column, 18th May 2018

  This week I am writing about two important issues affecting the Borough where we have agreement across all three political parties on the Council: our united opposition to moving a place of safety facility from Swindon to Devizes and our call for more people to come forward as foster parents. Campaigning to Keep Sandlewood Court open Some of you … Read More