Local MP Meets New Headteacher Of Warneford School

Justin Tomlinson MP has paid a visit to see the new Headteacher at Warneford School in Highworth.

Andrew Steele has joined the school as it heads towards its 60th birthday. Andrew has had a very distinguished career; having studied engineering, he then worked for the Ministry of Defence, before turning his skills to teaching.

Andrew and Justin discussed the general ethos of the school, which revolves around providing extra-curricular activities whilst promoting important academic achievements. Both have welcomed the new Fairer Funding Formula which will deliver a £66.2 million increase for North Swindon schools.

As well as a general introduction, Justin had a complete tour of the modern Sports Hall, the £1.8million funding for which he personally campaigned and lobbied for.

Justin Tomlinson MP said: “It’s great to see such a passionate and experienced teacher takeover at Warneford. I am sure Andy will do a great job and I look forward to working closely with him. I was also pleased to get the VIP tour of the sports hall. It took a lot of persuading Ministers at the DfE to grant the funding for it, but I am so glad they did especially considering the extra time gained for lessons which was previously spent travelling to and from the Rec.”