Jake Chandler Welcomes ‘Growing Consensus’ In The Community On Moredon Sports Hub

Jake Chandler, the Conservative Representative for Rodbourne Cheney (which includes as part of it, all of Moredon playing fields and the Hreod Burna), has laid out his support for the proposed development of the playing fields for local residents in Rodbourne Cheney.


Plans for the Sports Hub on Moredon playing fields were recently discussed at a public meeting with residents from Moredon and across the rest of Rodbourne Cheney, including Jake, was held by representatives from Swindon Borough Council.


Full details of the plans are available online – including a proposed layout of the Hub – however the most noticeable changes from the current layout will be:

  • the creation of a new pavilion with café and changing rooms
  • a 1 kilometer bicycle track,
  • a new BMX bump track,
  • expanded croquet facilities, and
  • fully renovated football and cricket pitches.


The plans would be funded through a small housing development being built on what is currently the first hole of the old pitch and putt. Other revenue comes in the form of grants from the tenants such as British Cycling. The multi-million pound investment will give residents a choice of excellent sports facilities and boost the local economy.


Jake supports the development proposed by the Conservative council and has welcomed the fact there has been support from both main parties to see the development delivered in a way that benefits residents and the site’s users.


Naturally since the Hreod Burna constitutes some of the largest green spaces in all of Swindon, Jake’s main priorities representing fellow residents have been to minimise the impact of additional housing, protecting the green space and maintain access to dog walkers and passers-by to areas in the North and West of Swindon. This includes protecting the green belt that stretches from Gorse Hill to the boundary Swindon has with Wiltshire Council at Mouldon Hill and beyond is essential.


Jake Chandler said: “So far as a resident I’ve been happy with the growing consensus on this development. No one wants housing on the area at all, myself included. However that said I recognised a well-planned out development to fund an amazing Sports Hub could realistically keep that whole area commercially viable for the foreseeable future, keeping it green and protecting it from further building development. As a regular user of the fields, I am glad to see that access to areas like Shaw Forest Park and Mouldon Hill remain, and that the derelict site where the old Hreod school south site stood is returning to green space to off-set the loss of any natural spaces from the housing.”