Conservatives welcome new Covingham Drive pedestrian-cycle route

Councillor Kevin Parry, Covingham and Dorcan Ward

Your Covingham and Dorcan Ward Conservative team: councillors Dale Heenan, Barbara Parry and Kevin Parry, have welcomed a new pedestrian-cycle link on the northern verge of Covingham Drive.  The new route was opened officially on 27th April.

Walkers and cyclists have already been making good use of the new pedestrian-cycle route, which is a high quality addition to the Swindon Urban and Pedestrian Network and will connect the existing cycle facilities on Merlin Way and Dorcan Way.

The new cycle route will also provide future pedestrian and cycle connections to the new Eastern Villages development area.

Councillor Keith Williams: “The new route and it is already being well used”

Conservative Councillor Keith Williams, Cabinet Member for StreetSmart, Highways, and Transport said: “We have received some really positive feedback on the new route and it is already being well used.

“We already have some excellent pedestrian and cycle routes in Swindon and the new Covingham Drive link will not only benefit existing residents, it will connect communities in the New Eastern Villages in the years to come.”

Councillor Kevin Parry: “The Conservative-run borough Council is spending our money to make all our lives better”

Ward Councillor Kevin Parry added, “This cycle path is a good example of how the Conservative-run borough Council is spending our money to make all our lives better.

“As a parent, I know that the cycle path is not only a safe, healthy means of getting to school, but also a safe route for local children to friends’ houses when out playing or with their parents when out cycling and running.

“The Conservative Council is ensuring the right roads are built before thousands of new homes are built in the East, but it is also crucial that cyclepaths and footpaths are in place from day one. This new cyclepath is the first real sign that most people will see that this promise is being taken seriously.”