How your Conservative-run Council is spending more to help your children

An extra £7.5m for Children’s Services

Councillor Fionuala Foley, Cabinet Member for Children’s Services and School Attainment, has thanked her Conservative councillor colleagues for voting for an extra £7.5m to be spent on Children’s Services, over three years starting from this April. The Councillors made this decision at the Annual Budget meeting in February; however, Labour councillors voted against allocating this money.

The Conservative Administration is investing in Swindon,s children

“As Cabinet Member I know the challenges we face with a growing population of children and young people, increased pressures to keep our children safe from all form of harm and exploitation, and new requirements to ensure that any children in care are supported in their early adult life, just as other young people are.”

“The money that the Conservatives have found will be used to support the key front line services that benefit children.”

£600,000  supporting schools to raising attainment levels,

Councillor Foley added that the money was in addition to the £600,000 agreed at Council in February in 2017 to be spent over three years supporting schools to raising attainment levels, spending that the Labour Group also opposed.

“I am delighted that the Council is working in partnership with parents, teachers, and governors to enable more of our young people to achieve even higher grades in their exams. We have accepted and responded to OFSTED’s challenges. This would not be possible if the Council tried to run everything itself.”


Posted 9th April 2018