Cllr Kevin Parry November’s Handy Article

Key Point

As the Chair of the Planning Committee, it is difficult for me to comment on Planning applications before they have gone to Committee.  I recently chaired the special Key Point Planning meeting at the Steam Museum.  The meeting was well attended with over 250 people and I was very impressed with the members of the public and the public speakers.  The Officers recommendation was ‘refusal’ and Ward Councillors Russell Holland and Colin Lovell presented some good reasons for refusal.  In my summing up, I made it clear that I fully supported the reasons outlined by the Officers and Ward Councillors and that I would vote for refusal.  I was pleased that this was also supported by all the Committee Members and the application was refused.

Parish Councillor’s Allowance Buys New Benches for Liden & Nythe

I have donated my Parish allowance for the purchase of two new benches, one at Nythe Lake and the other on at Liden Lagoon.  These benches are for us all to enjoy as we are so fortunate to have some lovely lakes.  The bench around Nythe Lake is the cherry on the cake after the years of campaigning for the lake to be dredged.  Both benches are made from recycled materials.

Nythe Green Day

I would like to say a big thank you to all the residents that came out and helped me in the Nythe Green Day.  We managed to cover the whole of Nythe and collected ten bags of rubbish.

Sywell Road Coleview

I am pleased that Sywell has been finally resurfaced after years of pushing for it.  My fellow Ward Councillors Dale and Barbara and I will continue pushing for more roads to be done.

Covingham Drive Pedestrian / Cycle Route – Additional Works

The following work will be completed.

  • Connecting the paths drainage system to the River Cole – the reason this wasn’t done originally was because we didn’t have the right Environment Agency permit to do this.  We now have the permit so work can proceed.
  • Trimming back some of the trees along the route to clear them from the street lights.
  • Putting concrete surrounds at the base of all the street lighting columns – these are to protect the column below the ground from water getting into the electrics.
  • Some extra footway surfacing on the path near to Deva Close on Merlin Way, just to tidy it up and remove a small surfacing defect in this area.
  • Resurfacing the northern bus stop on Covingham Drive which we didn’t have enough money to do in the original scheme.
  • Install bollards at the start and end points of the pedestrian / cycle route to discourage vehicle access, particularly in the northern area which I understand travellers have been known to use in the past.

Community Speed Watch

Barbara is pushing for Community Speed Watch and is seeking volunteers. Community Speed Watch has been very effective in other areas and full training is provided.  Please contact Barbara on or 07986 486198 to put your name forward.

Library Trust

The Library trust has now taken over Covingham Library and it is hoped that the trust will have taken over Liden Library by the end of October once the paperwork is complete.  This will allow the library to open longer but does need the support of residents.  Please do get in touch if you would like to support the library.

Anti-Social Behaviour & Crime

I have been working closely with the Police and I am pleased to say that the Anti-Social behaviour has improved recently.  We have been able to get more Police in the Ward and the Police have had some good results. It is important that all crime is reported as this helps the Police; if it is not reported then they will not know about it.  It also helps me to push for more Police presence as the more data there is, the more we can push for more resources.

Dis-guarded Needles

I have had to have needles removed in Liden, Eldene, Covingham & Nythe.  Please do not touch any needles if you find them as the Council will not collect them if they have been picked up by anyone else.  Instead, please call the Council on 01793 463000 and they will collect them.  If you call out of normal office hours, you will need to hold on the line until someone picks up as there is an out of hours team for emergencies.