Councillor David Renard, Leader of the Council

Conservative Council Leader David Renard has challenged Labour Opposition Leader to withdraw the false and misleading leaflets being put out for the parish council elections, for which the Labour Leader is the named promoter.

Councillor Renard said, “The truth is that Conservative-run Swindon Borough Council has a lower tax than some equivalent Labour-run authorities.

 The Conservative have fought and will continue to fight elections on the difficult but necessary decisions that are necessary for Swindon and the Parish councils. It is sad to see that the Labour opposition must resort to fake news because they have no alternative to offer.

 The facts are quite clear.

 The Borough’s average band D Council Tax increase is 4.99%, which is the same as Labour-run Bristol, Reading and Southampton.

 After this year’s increase, only the second in seven years ,the average Band D Council Tax is £1,251. This is lower than Bristol (£1,549), Reading (£1,491) and Southampton (£1,407).

 The Labour Borough councillors did not put forward a single alternative at this year’s Council Budget meeting.”

 Two of the largest new Parish Councils that set high precepts are currently dominated by Labour Councillors.

We stand on our record of providing new schools, supporting our local economy, securing low unemployment and getting value for money.”

Local Labour politicians clearly think that being negative is the way to get elected in any election in Swindon. I urge all residents to reject those candidates who must stoop to such low tactics.”